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CTaha_Agwamo_blogAgwamo” Anishinaabe for ‘She Floats on Water’.

This woman this making her plea to the Ancestors to inspire her creation of the regalia she will wear.

Some of the design elements can be seen in the smudge she is holding. Many honors to the Anishinaabe People who inspired this work.

This item is available. Image size: 31″ x 21″, acrylic on Arches Watercolor Paper, UV sealed.


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Pull Together

A story of the Crab Pot. Here when we pull away from each other we see the discord and waves begin to rise. When working together in harmony smooth seas are on the horizon. This is one of my personal favorites.

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Safe Passage

This painting expresses the magnificence of Lake Superior.

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I am so pleased to share with everyone my latest painting “Lightning Walker”.

This incredible Spirit arrived on the third day of a ceremonial. She took 4 years before I was able paint this work. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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(c) Chholing Taha-all right reservedI never know what image will arrive in the night. Each of my paintings announce themselves in dreams or reflections found only in wild places.

This painting was almost demanding to be painted.

At first I thought it was in the northwest, but when I researched the origin of the design I realized the dream was from close to my own homeland in eastern Canada. It is Baffin Island! (Image: 21″ x 30″)

For more information visit my website at: http://www.shawllady.com/gallerypaintings/

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CTaha72DPII am pleased to share with all of you my new painting “Spirit of Eagles”.

This artwork was developed for the Spirit of Eagles program that services Native People nationally via the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

The painting will be used as the cover art for the 2010 Spirit of Eagles conference taking place here in Seattle WA.

Please support the Mayo Clinic’s outreach efforts.  Many thank you’s go to Dr. Judith Kaur and Paulette Baukol at the Mayo Clinic for this wonderful opportunity.


  1. The four petroglyph eagles represent the four colors of man and ancient knowledge.
  2. The plants are traditional and modern medicine.
  3. The infant and adult images indicate the work of the spirit of eagles will follow a person throughout a lifetime.
  4. The wigwams at the bottom of the page tells us how important it is for our community to support healthy initiatives.

The original painting is available for purchase.  Contact me regarding availability.

PRICE:  SOLD- 16″ x 16″ acrylic on heavy watercolor paper.

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Keepers of the LawI am pleased to share with you my latest effort:  ‘Keepers of the Law’

This detailed image celebrates the important contribution men carry within their communities. Here the warriors are declaring war on health disparities, health challenges that can destroy a village, family or person.  Three months of work went into this piece.

The painting is 21″w x 30″h

To view the full image go to: Shawllady.com/galleryoriginals.com

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